About Us

The “Nissan Nativ Acting Studio", was founded in 1963 by Nissan Nativ. Deeply influenced by Étienne Decroux, he made up his mind to educate for the theatre in the west European way rather than the east European way that was appreciated in Israel that time.
Through the years, the Studio has become the leading school in Israel for performing arts.
The Studio aspires to create an infrastructure for the theater that is the spokesperson of reality, and that at the same time is not afraid to criticize and challenge it. The Studio’s activities function in the here and now - from the heart of Israeli creativity - while delving deep into international sources of culture that are no less important than our own.
As for today, Studio graduates are among the elite artists In Israeli Theater, creative artists, directors, playwrights and screenplay writers, motivated by the same goal: the need to make a change, by independent thinking, personal creativity and free expression. The Studio was founded on the belief that education is the way to create Quality Theater, creative and non-compromising.
Michael Warshaviak, a Studio graduate, prodigy actor, theater director and co-director in the Studio for many years, was chosen to lead the school’s artistic and pedagogic path. As the Studio’s DNA streaming in his veins, he is leading the studio for new achievements, winning in various festivals, building the most compatible – state of the art venue for drama school facility and theater, and educating a new generation through new challenges.
The Acting Studio teaching staff includes a large number of professional educators of the highest level who are devoted to their mission, which is to preserve and progress the quality of stage art in Israel.
Every Studio graduate studies between 6,000 – 7,000 quality hours in small groups over a period of three years, a significant number of hours is one on one training, and most of the work is practical. In both the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Studios, third year students participate in at least five full length theater productions at a high professional level, as well as in film and film-making workshops.
The uncompromising selection process, and the fact that the training takes place in small groups, has proven its effectiveness throughout the years and has turned the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio into the first choice institute by a significant majority of those wishing to study the acting profession.
Another attribute of the Studio’s success is the fact that nine Studio theater productions have been acquired by professional theaters in Israel over the years. The meticulous selection of a small number of students also arises from the viewpoint that it is morally not justified to rob intelligent young people of three years of their lives and to encourage them to invest their strength and money in acquiring a profession that they will ultimately not exploit.
The aspiration for quality, uncompromising and meticulous training - and especially its success in achieving these aims - puts the Studio in the privileged position of receiving support from public funding, government ministries, and local authorities in the cities in which it is active – Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
In addition to its educational work, the Studio is also active in the community, working with disabled, mentally ill and handicapped populations, creating together and giving them new aspects in their lives, along with social and acting tools.