About Us

About Us

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio has since its establishment to fulfill the purpose for which the reserve Km.lhcsir quality of young artists in theater, film,

television, game directing, playwriting and criticism and arts education system in Israel.

Nissan Nativ Studio available stands a large teaching staff composed of professional education at the highest level, minimum wage workers, who flocked

to him thanks to their adherence to the task for which the studio is working to preserve and promote the quality of Performing Arts in Israel.

Studio shows between 9,500 to 10,000 hours each year teaching schools in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in his small groups,

A significant part of which is individually and the vast majority are practical hours. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem studio third-year students participate in at least

five full shows a high professional level, as well as theater workshops for them.

Studio's rigorous screening to select pupils and school classes have shown limited effectiveness over the years and became the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio

Be the initial choice institution by the vast majority of professionals who wish to learn the game. The choice to work with a small number of students per class is

The belief that the studio school, then graduates will be justified provided a real chance to be absorbed After completing his studies in theater and creativity.

This will allow for referencing each student during the school year, full realization of his ability, and will operate with complete creative freedom.

The studio is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem municipality, public support is necessary to the studio to be able to

keep its doors open to all young talented,

No tuition would be a barrier to him. Merit should be the criterion and the financial capacity.

Absorption of talented young disadvantaged socioeconomic strata, immigrants and minorities is an important challenge to Israeli society,

That these studies could lead to the final expression of their culture.

Following the recognition of the importance of the studio and its impact on the cultural stage in Israel, Tel Aviv Municipality and the Jerusalem municipality

decided to assign a permanent building activity Tel Aviv and Jerusalem studio. This move will enhance cooperation with the Ministry of Culture significantly in the

studio, and will upgrade the facilities available to students.

In order to finance the transition to permanent housing expenses we turn to support from foundations and private sources, so that we can continue our work on

behalf of Israeli culture.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Jerusalem

Elazar HaModai St.17 (Beit Elisheva) 9367120
Tel: 02-6733414
Fax: 02-6721133

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Tel Aviv

Noam 5, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5182410
Fax: 03-5182411
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